Lakeland Terrier

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Lakeland Terrier
The lakeland terrier was bred to hunt vermin in the rugged shale mountains of the lake district of northern england. he is a small, workmanlike dog of square, sturdy build. his body is deep and relatively narrow, which allows him to squeeze into rocky dens. he has sufficient length of leg under him to cover rough ground easily. his neck is long, leading smoothly into high withers and a short topline ending in a high tail set. his attitude is gay, friendly, and self-confident, but not overly aggressive. he is alert and ready to go. his movement is lithe and graceful, with a straight-ahead, free stride of good length. his head is rectangular, jaws are powerful, and ears are v-shaped. a dense, wiry coat is finished off with longer furnishings on muzzle and legs.

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Great Gable's /Harter Fell's
Great Gable's /Harter Fell's

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