Sheltieshetland Sheepdog

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Sheltieshetland Sheepdog

Website dedicated to the sheltie breed, with sheltie photo and sheltie videos videos, classifieds advertising pet shelties and show shelties for sale and shetland sheepdog related subjecis.

Sheltie (shetland sheepdog) sheltie homepages op fokkers, kennels, puppies en websites uit heel nederland en belgie

Sheltie (shetland sheepdog) puppy kopen? puppy bemiddeling: hier staan de fokkers die nu puppies hebben. puppie bemiddeling met serieuze kennels die nu sheltie (shetland sheepdog) pups te koop hebben.

The shetland sheepdog, like the collie, traces to the border collie of scotland, which, transported to the shetland islands and crossed with small, intelligent, longhaired breeds, was reduced to miniature proportions. subsequently crosses were made from time to time with collies. this breed now bears the same relationship in size and general appearance to the rough collie as the shetland pony does to some of the larger breeds of horses. although the resemblance between the shetland sheepdog and the rough collie is marked, there are differences which may be noted. the shetland sheepdog is a small, alert, rough-coated, longhaired working dog. he must be sound, agile and sturdy. the outline should be so symmetrical that no part appears out of proportion to the whole. dogs should appear masculine; bitches feminine.

Sheltiekennel De Casa Wolveson
Sheltiekennel De Casa Wolveson

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